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"The Swipe" Guitar String Cleaner
"The Swipe" Guitar String Cleaner

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Product Code: SWIPE

Save money, save time and save tone with The Swipe String CleanerResidues dramatically alter the tone and feel of an instrument. Grime builds up on the surface of strings, and gunk gets ingrained between the windings of strings and alters the brightness and tonal clarity - dulling your sound. Residue affects elasticity of a string and in the areas most played strings can become brittle and more difficult to bend. The Swipe removes harmful residues, leaving nothing behind.Acidic sweat and dirt left behind by your fingers corrode your strings, and even penetrate the protective layer on 'Coated strings'. Shiny new strings become not only difficult to play but also weaker and more prone to breaking if left un-cleaned. The Swipe saves you money and time on replacing new strings and ensures that your current strings sound and feel better for longer.· Removes harmful sweat, chemicals and oils in a quick and simple process· Gets around the whole string easily· Leaves nothing behind except strings sounding like new· Can be used on any Stringed instrument· Won’t damage your Guitar and will polish your frets· Can be put in a guitar case, wallet or pocket· Includes a polishing cloth to keep the rest of your instrument in top condition
The Swipe String Cleaner in Action

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