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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Mylar Pickguard
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Mylar Pickguard

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High quality clear mylar pickguard for Gypsy Jazz guitars.

- High gloss clear Mylar plastic
- Translucent to reveal wood grain underneath
- 0.13mm (0.005") thick
- Self adhesive backing for easy permanent attachment

Special Features
  • Application Instructions-

  • Warning: The adhesive on this Mylar® is very sticky. If you do not have
  • experience working with this product, it is advised that you practice on
  • a not so important instrument first, or seek the help of a professional
  • luthier. Removal can be difficult, and finish damage is always
  • possible!

  • Application temperature: Ambient temperature should be 50 degrees F. (10 degrees C.) or above.

  • Dry installation: Clean and dry the application surface. Peel the
  • backing paper down 1" from the top, and fold and crease the backing
  • paper. Align the plastic and apply it, starting at the top, using firm
  • strokes with a plastic squeegee, stiff cardboard or a soft cloth.
  • Continue to remove the backing paper and smooth out the plastic with the
  • squeegee. If air bubbles form, puncture them and smooth them out.

  • Removal: Inserting a sharp knife or razor blade under a corner and
  • peeling carefully should let you remove the Mylar in fairly large
  • strips. Most of the residue can be removed by lifting it with the
  • adhesive side of the removed plastic. If this is unsuccessful, soak the
  • residue with a mild solvent such as naphtha. Make sure not to damage the
  • finish of the instrument. Try out the solvent in an inconspicuous spot.

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