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CCTM   "Charlie" by Todd Myers Giclée Print on Watercolor Paper
CABF   "Christophe Astolfi joue les inédits de Baro Ferré" (Pre Order)
DGDGTPGA   "DG" Selmer Style Guitar Tailpiece with Galalith Insert (Vintage Brass)
DGTPMOP   "DG" Selmer Style Guitar Tailpiece with MOP Insert (Vintage Brass)
DGTM   "Django" by Todd Myers Giclée Print on Watercolor Paper
DRDATP   "DR" Selmer Style Guitar Tailpiece (Polished Brass)
DGMANDO25   "Mandolin" 2.5mm
DGMANDO   "Mandolin" 3.0mm
SPVIOL   "The Grappelli Model"
SWIPE   "The Swipe" Guitar String Cleaner
DGGJP   #11 "Jazz Manouche Pick" 3.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
JC85   **SOLD** 1985 Jacques Castelluccia Petite Bouche
1001   **SOLD** 1989 Jean Pierre Favino #1001
MDC-502   **SOLD** 2015 Dupont MDC-50
JNLBEVO   **SOLD** 2015 Jean Noel Lebreton Evolution 2 Nr. 41
XO503   **SOLD** 2016 AJL XO 503 #2616
JF172   *BEST OF* 1971 Jacques Favino Mod. 10 #172
JF547   *BEST OF* 1977 Jacques Favino #547
MD-50B   *COMING SOON* 2019 Maurice Dupont MD-50B
ANAPIC   *COMING SOON* Francois Anastasio C. 1957
TVDH125   *COMING SOON* Thijs van der Harst Nr. 125 -Se Hybrid #125
SCHALLERGOLDGAL   *DISCONTINUED* Schaller Selmer Style Gypsy Jazz Classic Deluxe Tuners (GOLD)
71KR   *JUST IN* 1971 Klaus Röder
04DADE   *JUST IN* 2004 Dell Arte "503"
GMJAZZB4   *JUST IN* 2019 Geronimo Mateos JAZZ-B Vintage
AD1949   *JUST IN* C. 1950 Antoine Di Mauro "Boogie Woogie"
SPFV146   *JUST IN* StringPhonic "FV" Favino Nr. 146
SPFV147   *JUST IN* StringPhonic "FV" Favino Nr. 147
TVDH124   *JUST IN* Thijs van der Harst MacOval #124
16COR   *ON HOLD* Craig Bumgarner "Corazon Vintage"
AD1945   *SOLD* 1945 Antoine DiMauro Modele Jazz #113 *SOLD*
07205   *SOLD* 2007 Shelley D. Park Avance #205
PARKM   *SOLD* 2013 Shelley Park Montmartre #284 *SOLD*
2015SDP   *SOLD* 2015 Shelley D Park Montmartre Custom
CC58O   *SOLD* 2017 Christelle Caillot #58 Petite Bouche
GMJAZZA2   *SOLD* 2018 Geronimo Mateos "JAZZ-A" Vintage
GMJAZZB2   *SOLD* 2018 Geronimo Mateos "JAZZ-B" Vintage
SPCHORUS   *SOLD* 2018 StringPhonic "Chorus" Nr.083
GMJAZZB3   *SOLD* 2019 Geronimo Mateos JAZZ-B
SP503ADVBR104   *SOLD* Limited Edition StringPhonic "#503 Django" Advanced Nr. 104
MD-50R   *SOLD* Maurice Dupont MD-50R "Rocky"
SHG   *SOLD* Stefan Hahl "Gitano-D"
SP503ADVBR98   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503 Django" Advanced Model No.98
SP503ADVBR103   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503 Django" Advanced Nr.103
SP503ADVBRDH14111   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced 14fr Grande Bouche Nr. 111
SP503ADV142   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced LIMITED 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 142
SP503ADVBRDH14110   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Grande Bouche Nr. 110 *SOLD*
SP503ADV102   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 102
SP503ADVBROH141166   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 116
SP503ADVBROH14118   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 118
SP503ADVBROH14119   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 119
SP503ADVXXX   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 140
SP503ADV141   *SOLD* StringPhonic "#503" Advanced Premium 14fr Petite Bouche Nr. 141
SPFVA   *SOLD* StringPhonic "FV" Advanced Favino Nr. 124
SPFVA1   *SOLD* StringPhonic "FV" Advanced Favino Replica Nr.127
SP503ADVBR   *SOLD* StringPhonic #503 Advanced Model No.68
SP503BAS   *SOLD* StringPhonic #503 Basic Model
SP503BAS2   *SOLD* StringPhonic #503 Basic Model
SP503BAS4V   *SOLD* StringPhonic #503 Basic Model Nr. 086
SP503BAS3V   *SOLD* StringPhonic #503 Basic Model nr.94 (Vintage Finish)
SFLCL   *SOLD* Stringphonic Lang-C Limited
TVDH134   *SOLD* Thijs van der Harst -Se-Teak Hybrid- #134
TVDH132   *SOLD* Thijs van der Harst -Se-Teak- #132
FOO   1930's Francesco Oliveri "Orchestre"
40BUCOLO   1940's Guitar Attributed to Bucolo
1963CCFAVINO   1963 Favino 5B "Concert Classical"
FavinoTenor   1970's Favino Tenor Guitar
MaciasFav   1977 Jacques Favino Modele "Enrico Macias” #588
SHGD   2009 Stefan Hahl "Gitano Deluxe" Antique
13Lagane   2013 Lagane Petite Bouche
DAUSAHOMSTUCED   2014 Dell Arte USA Hommage Studio Model
CG60   2015 Cyril Gaffiero #60
NOMADE-143   2016 Maurice Dupont Nomade- Oval Hole
GMJAZZAUD   2017 Geronimo Mateos "Audrey"
LADRF-SHIRT   2017 Los Angeles Django Reinhardt Festival T-Shirt
A6IC   acoustic 6 Instrument Cable
C6-S   AER Compact 60 Slope (includes secret bonus item!)
COMPACT60   AER Compact 60-3 (includes secret bonus item!)
AGGJLC   Altamira "Luxe" Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case
AGJDGPTM   Altamira Gypsy Jazz Deluxe Gold Plated Tuning Machines
M01T   Altamira Gypsy M-01T
MOD-M   Altamira Gypsy Model M
MOD-MD   Altamira Gypsy Model MD (Backorder: Arriving June)
Orchestre   Altamira Gypsy Orchestre Model (Pre Order)
M01DT   Altamira M-01 D "Traveler" Antique (3/4 Size)
M-01FS   Altamira M-01 F "Chorus"
AGM01CC   Altamira M-01C Concert Classical (Includes Altamira Deluxe Case)
AGM01   Altamira Model M-01 Oval Hole Gypsy Jazz Guitar
AGM30   Altamira Model M-30 Oval Hole Gypsy Guitar
AGM01D   Altamira Model M01 D Hole Gypsy Jazz Guitar
HCRANGELOCAPRICE   Angelo Debarre "Caprice" CD FEAT. Florin Niculescu
GYPSYUNITY   Angelo Debarre "Gypsy Unity"
ANGELOENTREAMIS   Angelo Debarre & Ludovic Beier "Entre Amis" 2004
SECRETSVOL1   Angelo Debarre & Samy Daussat Gypsy Guitar "The Secrets" VOL. 1
ANGELOLIPDVD   Angelo Debarre - Live in Paris CD+DVD
HCRANG   ANGELO DEBARRE Portrait of Angelo CD Hot Club Records w/ Bireli, Jimmy, Florin
quecumbar   Angelo Debarre Quartet: Live at Le Quecumbar
ARG16MF   Argentine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings :1610 MF Ball End (Savarez)
ARG15   Argentine Strings (1 set): 1510 Loop End for Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Savarez)
ARG15MF   Argentine Strings (1 set): 1510 MF Loop End for Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Savarez)
ARG1610   Argentine Strings (1 set): 1610 Ball End for Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Savarez)
ADLGMCA3   Astuces De La Guitare Manouche Vol. 3 By Christophe Astolfi with CD (French)
AT831B   Audio-Technica AT831B Lavalier Condenser Microphone
PRO-70   Audio-Technica PRO 70 Cardioid Condenser Lavalier / Instrument Microphone
CARBAMMAN   BAM "Manouche" Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar Case in Black Carbon Gen. 2
MAN-FLIGHT-COVER   BAM Flight Cover for Hightech MANOUCHE Guitar Case
BAMOCL   BAM France Instrument Cleaning Cloth
BAM   BAM France Performance Guitar Gig Bag
8006XLC   BAM Hightech Archtop 17" Guitar Case - Black Carbon Look
BAMHGR   BAM Oblong Hoodie (GREY)
BENHUMOVAL   Benedetti Mini Humbucker Pickup System (NEW MODEL)
BLS81   Bireli Lagrene "Swing 81"
VIENNE   Bireli Lagrene and Friends "LIVE Jazz a Vienne" DVD
BGPT   Bireli Lagrene Guitar Project Book
BLGJGABAY   Bireli Lagrene: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry
PWRHB   Black Edition Gypsy Pick Billfold by Codina Leather
KANDMFR   Black König & Meyer Black Music Stand INCLUDES FREE K&M CARRY BAG!!!
BCNCFVC   Bogaro & Clemente "Nicole" Carbon Fiber Violin Case
SUPA1610   BULK Argentine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings (5 sets):1610 Ball End (Savarez)
SUPA1510   BULK DISCOUNT Argentine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings (5 sets): 1510 Loop End (Savarez)
SUPA1510MF   BULK DISCOUNT Argentine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings (5 sets): 1510 MF Loop End (Savarez)
SUPABULK1610MF   BULK DISCOUNT Argentine Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings (5 sets):1610MF Ball End (Savarez)
BBTP   Busato Brass Tailpiece (DUPONT)
SBTB   Busato Nickel Tailpiece (DUPONT)
DGCGCC-BLU   Carbon Composite Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case (Blue)
DGCGCC   Carbon Composite Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case (Flat Black)
DGCGCC-ORA   Carbon Composite Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case (Orange)
CS-1   Carlos CS Carbon Fiber Sensor Ver 2.0- DjangoGuitars Edition
CS-2   Carlos VIP "Gypsy"
ACDV   Christophe Astolfi "Et Son Trio"
COMPDJANGO   Complete Django The Ultimate Django Book (English and French Edition)
DAMPIT!   Dampit Gypsy Jazz Guitar Humidifier
GIVONE   Daniel Givone La Guitar Manouche Methode with CD (FRENCH ONLY)
DELLARTEBRIDGE   Dell Arte Selmer Guitar Bridge
CARBON   Deluxe Carbon Fiber Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case
DGSGBEBONY   DG Selmer Guitar Bridge (Ebony)
DGSGBR   DG Selmer Guitar Bridge (Rosewood)
DAEDRTI   Diamond Cut Ebony Tailpiece Insert
Rubina   Diknu Schneeberger Trio: Rubina
DRSDP   Django Reinhardt "Swing De Paris" (French Edition)
DRHCR   DJANGO REINHARDT "The Best Recordings 1936-1953 Vol. 1" CD Hot Club Records
DjangoBD   Django Reinhardt 2 CD SET BD JAZZ
DGBSON   DjangoGuitars "Boson" 2.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
DG1GAL   DjangoGuitars #1 "Gypsy Jazz Pick" 3.0mm (Vintage Galalith)
DGTD2GAL   DjangoGuitars #2 Pick 3.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
MTVC   DjangoGuitars #4 "Large Triangle" 2.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
MTVC4   DjangoGuitars #4 "Large Triangle" 4.0mm (Vintage Galalith)
PT4MM   DjangoGuitars #5 "Petit Trilateral" 4.0mm (Vintage Galalith)
TDPVG   DjangoGuitars #6 "TD" Pick 2.9mm (Vintage Galalith)
GJTDC   DjangoGuitars #6 "Teardrop" 2.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
GJSC   DjangoGuitars #7 "503" 4.7mm (Vintage Galalith)
DGCPBB   DjangoGuitars #8 "Bebop" 3.0mm (Vintage Galalith)
DGGG   DjangoGuitars #9 "GG" 3.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
DGEBB   DjangoGuitars Ebony Bridge Blank
POL   DjangoGuitars Guitar Care Kit
DG4GAL   DjangoGuitars Model "G" Gypsy Jazz Pick 3.5mm (Vintage Galalith)
SLBAS   DjangoGuitars Selmer-Maccaferri Laminated Back and Sides Indian Rosewood (2.1mm)
DGSCRCA   DjangoGuitars Stimer Cable (RCA-1/4 RA)
DRSRTM   DR Selmer Replica tuning machines (DUPONT)
DRDATPN   DR Selmer Style Guitar Tailpiece Nickel Plated
DGMOUST   Ebony Selmer-Maccaferri Style Mustache set for Bridge
RFCHARLE   Francois Charle's "The Story of Selmer Maccaferri Guitars" (English Edition)
FJ34   Fretboard Journal #34
GK47   Gabojo Kleio 47 Magnetic Pickup
GK51   Gabojo Kleio 51 Magnetic Pickup
GSB-10   Galli Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings GSB-10
GSB-11   Galli Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings GSB-11
GSL-10   Galli Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings GSL-10
GSL-11   Galli Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings GSL-11
AA-MINI   Genzler Acoustic Array Mini
GMLCPUDH   Geronimo Mateos "L.C." Pickup (D Hole Version)
GMLCPUOH   Geronimo Mateos "L.C." Pickup (Oval Hole Version)
GMGB2   Geronimo Mateos GypsyBridge 2.0
GIGJMEL   Getting into Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book/CD Set)
GGTLIC   Gismo Graf Trio Live In Concert
FELIX-2   Grace Design FELiX 2-Channel Preamp & EQ with Blend
GRAPELLILICKS   Grappelli Licks: The Vocabulary of Gypsy Jazz (Book/CD Set) by Tim Kilphuis
GFGC   Guardian Favino Guitar Case
Gypsy-Jazz-Chords   Gypsy Jazz Chords: Dictionary and Method, French Edition (Book/CD Set)
GJMP   Gypsy Jazz Guitar Mylar Pickguard
HSGC   Handmade Selmer Guitar Case
BLUAMP   HENRIKSEN "The BLU" (FREE 2-Day Shipping!)
7001XLLB   HIGHTECH 6 bows case for Violin, Viola & Cello - Black Lazure
PRO-ACIIHISCOX   Hiscox LifeFlight PRO-AC II Selmer "Gypsy Jazz" Guitar Flight Case
PRO-ACIIHISCOXJUMBO   Hiscox LifeFlight PRO-AC-GJ-EXC II (Favino, J. DiMauro) Flight Case
HISSTRP   Hiscox Shoulder Strap For Case
XCPJ   Ischell X48+CPJ
PIG14   J.B. Castelluccia Pigalle Grande Bouche
TUZET   Jazz Manouche "La Grande Aventure Du Swing Gitan" BY: Jean Baptiste Tuzet (IN FRENCH)
HCRBESTJIMMY   JIMMY ROSENBERG "The Best Of" CD Hot Club Records w/ Bireli, Angelo, etc.
RosenbergBEST   Jimmy Rosenberg "The Best Of" CD Hot Club Records w/ Bireli, Angelo, etc.
ROSENBERGTRIO   Jimmy Rosenberg "Trio"
2800L   John Pearse Nuages 2800L Light Gauge
2810LM   John Pearse Nuages 2810LM Light/Medium Gauge
JD1950   Joseph Di Mauro Grande Bouche C. 1950

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