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Shelley D. Park: Shelley's deep appreciation for the subtleties of fine wood combined with her affinity for acoustic music led her naturally to a career in lutherie. Her love of the music of Django Reinhardt further focused her lutherie skills, constructing guitars based on the original designs of Mario Maccaferri and the Henri Selmer Company of France. Shelley D. Park has been building fine guitars in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1991. She brings a wealth of listening and playing experience to her craft and her background as a rhythm guitar player has given her a long and intimate connection to the classic Selmer guitar sound. Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail are reflected in every instrument she builds.

A Shelley Park gypsy jazz guitar embodies the authentic sound and look of the original Selmer instruments while reflecting a contemporary approach to lutherie. Each Park guitar is lovingly hand made, incorporating the proven artistry of traditional
and the advantages of the best modern building techniques. The design and construction are based on the original Selmer Maccaferri specifications, ensuring both the definitive Selmer beauty and the unique richness and projection desired by gypsy jazz players. Every Park Guitar is a tasteful balance between authenticity and subtle originality, an instrument that is both a classic and a unique expression.

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*SOLD* 2013 Shelley Park Montmartre #284 *SOLD* *SOLD* 2007 Shelley D. Park Avance #205 *SOLD* 2015 Shelley D Park Montmartre Custom
**SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD**
*SOLD* 2020 Shelley D. Park "Modéle Encore" *SOLD* 2020 Shelley D. Park "Modéle Encore" Nr. 355 *SOLD* 2021 Shelley D. Park "Deluxe Maccaferri" Nr.361
**SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD**
JUST IN: 2021 Shelley D. Park "Modéle Encore"
2021 Shelley D. Park “Modèle Encore”. Bespoke laminated Sapelle back and sides, Lutz spruce top with bent pliage. Tradition meets the modern Selmer-Maccaferri guitar with all the right nuances!