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Geronimo Mateos LC
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Gabojo Kleio 47 Magnetic Pickup Gabojo Kleio 51 Magnetic Pickup Geronimo Mateos "L.C." Pickup
Kleio 47 is an ideal pickup for oval soundhole gypsy jazz guitars. Inspired by Django Reinhardt's electric sound between 1946 and 1950. Kleio 51 is an ideal pickup for Selmer Maccaferri style guitars. It produces an amplified electric sound, referring to the ‘modern’ period of Django Reinhardt, from 1950 till his death in 1953. Cleverly designed low-profile magnetic pickup for easy removal and internal mounting.
Peche a la Mouche Magnetic Pickup Maurice Dupont / Stimer reissue ST48 RH Maurice Dupont/Stimer ST-48 Maccaferri RH

Inspired from the model used by the world-renowned guitarist, this new model has been produced for the 100th anniversary of Django's birthday, and includes many technical improvements on its predecessor.

Replica of the classic piclup used by Django Reinhardt! Replica of the classic pickup used by Django Reinhardt.
Maurice Dupont/ Stimer Reissue ST51 RH Yves Guen Original (Stimer) ST-48 Magnetic Pickup Yves Guen Original (Stimer) ST-51 Magnetic Pickup
Replica of the classic pickup used by Django Reinhardt. Reissue of the famed Stimer ST-48: the pickup used by Django Reinhardt himself! Reissue of the historic Stimer ST-51!